Remodel consulting services for homeowners in Marin. Supporting your remodel journey from idea through construction to create your dream home.


My clients save time and money, make faster decisions, and achieve remodel success. I provide a single, “go to” resource, combining passion for remodel work, experience, and an intimate knowledge of city and county permit processes for remodels. 


About Me

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Remodels are my passion! Growing up the daughter of a contractor, my family owned and remodeled more than thirty apartments and homes. I was frequently called on to "run over and make sure things are on track," and as a result, learned what makes remodels go smoothly and what makes them a disaster! I’ve spent more than a decade as a process consultant in city and county planning, and building departments, so have that insider knowledge about Marin’s permitting and building process.  

With a degree in engineering, natural ease as a negotiator and project manager, I will be your guide throughout your remodel so you can have the home of your dreams.