Frequently Asked Questions

What's the typical reason clients hire me?

There are lots of reasons!  Some clients turn to me because they have been contemplating a remodel for a while, but aren't sure where to start. Other clients want a fresh perspective on which projects to undertake - based on what will provide the greatest return on their investment. And others have had bad experiences in the past and want to make sure to "do it right" this time around. In all cases, I work with clients to really understand their goals and budget and create a clear path to achieving the home they've dreamed about. 

Shouldn't my architect or contractor do these same things?

Architects and contractors are essential to the process - and a remodel cannot be done without them!  However, it's best to engage with them at the right time. I hear from people all the time who have plans drawn up to support a grand vision - and once they get contractor bids back they have to scrap them and start over because they are too expensive. Because of my deep expertise in planning and permitting, I’m able to give a pretty clear sense of you don't draw up (and pay for!) plans you won't be able to use.  And as for contractors, finding the right one is tricky!  I help you get "apples to apples" bids to compare and think through the pros and cons of your options.